Sleds: What to do with Yesterday

Sled runYou, child, first came to me

sledding on water

from the hill of my belly,

the water in your blood

drawn through me from

a well in the field.

So when snow came,

born of water,

I wondered if

you had flown home

to say hello.


Then the flurry of you

took shape and

your fresh powder skin

covered yesterday.

I retrieved your storeroom sled

and lay downhill,

occiput anterior,

racing the slick track until

at the bottom,

at rest,

I pressed my cheek against

your lovely heart,

as close to you

and as happy

as I could

possibly be.


©2019 Cheryl Bostrom, Sleds: What to do with Yesterday



Bird print in snow.

“. . . I have you in my heart . . .” —Philippians 1:7



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