Once is Enough

Our Rose.
Last week she decided that our newest calf’s high-fat colostrum poo was the most delicious stuff she’s ever eaten. She hunted the field for every last bite.
Results? One sick girl. Pancreatitis. Could have lost her.
Took multiple meds and 4 days at the veterinary hospital on an IV drip before we brought her home.
Still a little pokey, but on the mend.
Next calf’s due soon.  Think she’ll leave it alone?
Gordon Setter Rosie in field
(Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly. —Proverbs 26:11)



7 thoughts on “Once is Enough

  1. Poor Rose. What a tummy ache. You will be scooping calf poo. Cowboy can’t resist the newly turned compost. The nastier the better. Good to have her own personal doc. Thankful she is on the mend.

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