Good Old Days

Golden misty late summer sunrise over mountains and poplar row
Summer’s soft exit.

Summer's soft exit

“Say not, ‘Why were the former days better than these?’ For it is not from wisdom that you ask this.”
—Ecclesiastes 7:10


4 thoughts on “Good Old Days

  1. Lovely,this is my season ,the trees,smells,colours in the sky and colours on the trees
    But it is hard not to think of the good old days when it was the season of a wedding 47 years ago and 11years ago a death
    Scripture,not always easy!

    1. I actually thought of your heart when I came across this scripture, Tena. It’s a verse I’d never lingered on before and frankly, it surprised me. But isn’t God so wise? I thought of all I’ve missed in the present when longing for and with eyes only on the good old days. Hard as it is, I’ll let them softly pass.

    2. I’m Like Tena, I love All That Fall Brings Us . But I Live In The Good Old Days In My Mind Too. North To Alaska! With Your Grandparents And Earl. So Many Many Wonderful Memories.

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