PrayerWalk: The Audiobook, Reviewed

When Sugar Birds was only a fledgling story, I found myself in California with a cohort of fiction writers: six of us huddled around a cabin’s kitchen table at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference, dissecting each other’s manuscripts. One woman in our group caught my attention within minutes of our first session together. Not only did the droll redhead and her husband ranch in the Sierra Valley (we had CATTLE in common), but she taught high school English, as had I.

Soon I connected with her on a deeper level. This woman had, personally and on behalf of others, traveled with the living God through the valley of the shadow of death—and had emerged seasoned with wisdom, humility, optimism. No surprise that I hung on her every word.

Only later did I learn that my new colleague Janet Holm McHenry—an award-winning national speaker and writer—had authored twenty-four books, including the bestseller PrayerWalk: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline, a book that has been inspiring readers for over twenty years.

And now that bestseller is an AUDIOBOOK! I listened to it this week . . . as I walked the hilly, rural miles around our home. I loved walking with her voice in my ears. Loved walking with Janet—an extraordinary (yet ordinary), friendly, funny woman with aches, pains, and an over-filled schedule— who trusts God to get her out the door to spend time with Him.

Whether you’re new to lacing up your runners or are a long time hiker, if you’d like to develop a more meaningful and consistent prayer life, this recording of Janet’s long-tested words will guide you farther down the road, literally and spiritually.

A handbook of sorts, PrayerWalk offers a rationale and a how-to for walking several times each week while we commune with God and relinquish personal, family, and community needs into his care. For gaining a front-row seat to transformed lives as we, by praying, cooperate in God’s healing, life-changing intervention.

It’s a practical, inspiring recording. I can sure see why the book’s remained relevant all these years.

An added plus? Lives radically shaped by prayerwalking include our own. From physical health benefits to the more enduring gains of spiritual sturdiness, you and I will be changed as we walk and pray—if only we will.

Janet seemed to read my mind, when my “but what if . . .,” and “but I can’t” collided with her suggestions. She responded with humor and wisdom, exposing my doubts and the reasons behind them, then showing me how to jump (or sidestep) those hurdles.

You’ll think she’s read yours, too, since her guidance for your very own prayerwalk will be spot-on, whether you’re out-of-shape and doubting, busy and self-sufficient, or somewhere in between.

Winged sunlight ❤️


Steepening . . . the deeper we went into Hells Canyon.

Steepening #2

Steepening #3

Steepening #4

“The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them.”

—Psalm 104:8



“Teach us to number our days,that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

—Psalm 90:12


Seen while prayerwalking: Plugnacious. 😆


And available August 3 . . .

Preorder HERE!


Thanks for walking my thoughts with me, friends. So glad you stopped by.


Watching Nature, Seeing Life: Through His Creation, God Speaks.

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