A Million Skies, Reviewed

Author Abigail Alleman has traveled to a far land—a harrowing one, into depths of psychotic mania that broke her.

In her new book A Million Skies: Secure in God’s Strength When Your Mind Can’t Rest, Alleman describes her dark encounters so vividly that I shook as I read, and ached for her and her family.

But even from its early pages, I knew this is no ordinary account of mental illness and loss. Alleman writes with such clarity, humility, and wisdom that I soon realized the treasures she extracted from her experience were nothing short of holy gifts from the God who calls her Beloved.

Here’s the cover copy:


In A Million Skies, Abigail shares her journey to gain a true vision about the mental illness that radically altered her life: bipolar disorder. After facing several near-death experiences and a tumultuous fallout from her initial diagnosis, she was left with little of the life she had known. In time, Abigail has found victory in her mind, but that has meant that she has had to shift her views of herself, others, life, and God.

More than one woman’s story, A Million Skies is an invitation to understand mental illness in new ways. The reader who enters the pages of A Million Skies will find the author’s contagious courage, inspiring journey, and words of challenge compelling them forward.


Anyone experiencing an earthquake of loss or shame—be it from mental illness or some other cause—will find this beautifully written book to be life-giving and hope-filled.


And now, some of the week’s photos for you:


The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.

—1 Thessalonians 5:24


For life.

” I have found the one whom my soul loves.”

–Song of Solomon 3:4


Meet DAISY . . .

Eight weeks old when we picked her up last weekend. More pics to come!


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