Cheryl’s Bio


I live on a bench of land we call Goose Ridge, on a farm a friend dubbed Three Setters. It’s rolling ground that overlooks Washington’s snow-capped Cascade Range, forests, stream-fed ponds and acres of pasture. You’ll often find me gardening out back.

Our Gordon setters, scores of wild animals, and the very best of friends keep us company. Seasons unfurl in a grand show. Creation speaks daily, and I try to capture its language in my photography.

A son and daughter return home, when they can, with their spouses and our grands. Or we go to them for visits as necessary as breathing.

My writing and photos have traveled, too, regularly landing in publications ranging from and the Upper Room Disciplines, to the American Scientific Affiliation’s God and Nature Magazine and various newspapers and journals. A member of the Redbud Writers Guild, I have also authored four books: The View from Goose Ridge (Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins Christian, 2001); Children At Promise: 9 Principles to Help Kids Thrive in an At Risk World (Jossey-Bass / Wiley, 2003) with Dr. Tim Stuart; Sugar Birds: A Novel, originally an indie publication, to be published in 2023 under the Tyndale imprint, and Chalk Horse, a Sugar Birds sequel slated for release in May 2024.

I’m glad you’re here.