Birds of a Feather

Sugar Birds? They aren’t what you think. Lots of wild guesses out there though. And it’s sure fun to hear the buzz building about the book. I’m delighted that it’s up for a number of awards, which will be announced in coming months.

Advance readers from across the USA—and of differing ages, faiths, ethnicities, life experiences, and genders—are reading Sugar Birds now. A few have finished the novel, and have begun posting their reviews. Interested? Take a look HERE on GoodReads.

In a scant two months, you can read it too. The book releases August 3 in paper, ebook and audiobook formats.

If you’d like to preorder the novel, you’ll find it at bookstores most anywhere , but if you like real books with paper pages, local indie bookstores like Village Books are a great place to buy. Barnes and Noble also offers an e-book preorder for its Nook, as does Amazon for Kindle.

And the audiobook, narrated by the award-winning Jayne Entwistle, is now on presale at Google Play! (It’ll show up later on Audible and a few dozen other audiobook sites, as well.)

No matter where you find yourself browsing, I hope you bring Sugar Birds home.


Sugar Birds: A Novel

NW Washington State, 1985

For years, Harris Hayes has taught his daughter, Aggie, the ways of the northern woods. So when her mother’s depression worsens, Harris shows the girl how to find and sketch the nests of wild birds as an antidote to sadness. Aggie is in a tree far overhead when her unpredictable mother spots her and forbids her to climb. Angry, the ten-year-old accidentally lights a tragic fire, then flees downriver. She lands her boat near untamed forest, where she hides among the trees and creatures she considers her only friends—determined to remain undiscovered.

A search party gathers by Aggie’s empty boat hours after Celia, fresh off the plane from Houston, arrives at her grandmother’s nearby farm. Hurting from her parents’ breakup, she also plans to run. But when she joins the hunt for Aggie, she meets two irresistible young men who compel her to stay. One is autistic; the other, dangerous.

Perfect for fans The Scent Keeper, The Snow Child, and The Great Alone, Sugar Birds immerses readers in a layered, evocative coming-of-age story set in the breathtaking natural world where characters encounter the mending power of forgiveness—for themselves and for those who have failed them.


And in posts earlier this week . . .

Rare appearance of PNW Giant Gophers.


Because it’s about more than plowing.

(80th International Plowing Match, Lynden WA – May 2021)


In the crook of His arm.

“Surely He will deliver you . . . He will cover you with His feathers; under his wings you will find refuge.”

—Psalm 91:4


Birds of a Feather?


Thanks for joining me, friends. So glad you stopped by.

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