Shadow Watching

Immature bald eagle flying overhead

I was in college—and trying to make sense of some hard events in my life that made little sense. Overwhelmed by the trouble, I was in a vulnerable frame of mind when I opened a small gift book my sister Jan had sent for my birthday. Though the book is long gone, a simple poem inside encouraged me—and has stuck in my memory for decades. As so often happens, the gift arrived at exactly the right time and was just what I needed.  (I don’t recall the author of the poem. If you do, please let me know. I’d love to give credit.)

It went something like this:


Silent wings above my head,

A shadow on the earth below.

I’d not have known the bird was there

But for the movement on the snow.

Sometimes a shadow on life’s path

May bid us pause to look above

And find, outstretched against the sky

Quiet, sheltering wings of Love.


When I thought about what to share in this post, that poem came to mind—twice. Then again a few days later. I’m trusting there’s a reason for that. Someone reading this today needs to know that no matter what is happening in your life, Love is flying nearby, waiting for you to look up .


Trumpeter swan flying toward mountains

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge;”—Psalm 91:4.


16 thoughts on “Shadow Watching

      1. This poem is very uplifting. There are days in life I need a nudge and reminder God is there to support. The shadow of a flying bird is a great symbol

  1. I saw three eagles the other day while going on a drive with Katie. We both looked up and exclaimed, “There’s Grandpa/Dad!” Truly, his spirit is around us and gives me a new perspective on the birds of the air…given to us by God as a constant reminder of the life we have all been given and what we can look forward to!

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